Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Time of Wittgenstein

The Time of Wittgenstein 

There surely exists the time of Wittgenstein for me.
That time about in my 30s, in the middle of 1970s.

One may aware of the kernel of the problem after almost all the hardships were gone and the problem is going under pursuing in the daily work for oneself, as Wittgenstein wrote at 6.521 in TRACTATUS LOGICO-PHILOSOPHICUS.

Wittgenstein wrote on language immanently at least in TRACTATUS.
He also said in TRACTATUS 6.432 that how world exists  does not care from the higher dimensions.
I also wanted to write on language from the immanent side in language.
But I had not any pursuing method for writing on language at that time, only remaining set theory typically presented by Bourbaki that some translations were surely on my desk.

Set theory was enough fascinating at the time, but it did not give me any relative and constructive situations on language or widely on the world. It was isolated and non-relative for writing on language. I wanted the bond of the world.

Now I have geometry for which the world can be bonded enough tightly. In 1970s I was never aware of the existence of geometry by myself, probably not being influenced from Wittgenstein's 6.35 in TRACTATUS, Geometry absolutely tell nothing on how the figure is and where the figure situated.So I had remain silently in the days not being able to write on the theme, the basic essence of language. Then I never knew the object on language, language universals that was taught from CHINO Eiichi later in 1980s. CHINO showed me the paper of Sergej Karcevskij, Du dualisme asymétrique du  singe linguistique. The theme determined my remain life hereafter. CHINO was the true teacher of my study.

Wittgenstein wrote at the last 6.54 of TRACTATUS that his some propositions must be abandoned. I began to go through the wood of hard theme of language universals by mathematics especially using geometry. About what can be told to, I never must be silent. 

Tokyo, January 20, 2012 Sekinan Research Field of Language

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