Tuesday 14 May 2013

Language, amalgamation of mathematics and physics

Language, amalgamation of mathematics and physics

2 April 2013

Language will become the urgent agenda of this century. Language will be recognised as the amalgamation of mathematics and physics. Because language is mathematically designed physical transmission system in human being. This transmission is finite and compact within a human body  but infinite and eternal connected with the outer worlds in the universe.

  1. Relation between mathematics and physics  Operad Meaning Theory. From Cell to Operad. 24 March 2013. ifbetruezoho
  2. finite and compact  Simplicial Space language. Composition of Word. 20 January 2013. ifbetruezoho
  3. Infinite and eternal Infinite Loop Space language. Word as Infinite Loop Space. 6 December 2012. sekinanmodel

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