Monday 22 July 2013

Closed String, Worldsheet and Worldvolume on Escalator Language Theory

Closed String, Worldsheet and Worldvolume on Escalator Language Theory

1 Escalator brane is a world sheet. It is abbreviated to EB.
2 A spacetime on EB is expressed by XEB.
3 Spacetime XEB is expressed by function that is parameterized by two coordinates (τ,σ).
4 A theory expressed by XEB(τ,σ) is called Escalator Language Theory. The theory is abbreviated to ELT.
5 Here a peculiar determined spacetime is called target spacetime, abbreviated TS.
6 TS1 and TS2 are expressed by function X1EB(τ1,σ1) and X2EB(τ2,σ2).
7 TS is also expressed by closed string that is abbreviated CS.
8 CS consists of closed ring circumference and closed ring thickness. The two are abbreviated CRC and CRT. They are expressed by ( ).
9 TS1 and TS2 are expressed by CS1(τ1,σ1)  and CS2(τ2,σ2).
10 In ELT, CS1 and CS2 are connected by monopole.
11 Monopole is also a brane. The brane is called mediation brane, abbreviated to MB.
12 MB has two extremities. One is CS1 and the other is CS2.
13 ELT has Möbius-like bended brane structure.
14 Orientation of CS1 and CS2 is perfectly reverse by ELT structure.
15 MB has perfect symmetrical phase of spacetime.
16 MB has twisted structure from one extremity to the other extremity.
17 Now MB is also expressed by worldvolume, abbreviated to WV. WV that has work of MB is called WVMB.
18 Two extremities of WVMB approach each other and rearrange CRC and CRT.
19 Now when CS(τ) expresses space and CS(σ) expresses time, rearranged WVMB expresses CS(τ, -τ) and CS(σ, -σ).
20 WVMB expresses perfect symmetry of spacetime.

Tokyo February 4, 2007

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