Saturday 27 July 2013

Another passway to mathematics

In some 40 years I had concerned with mathematics to which I only had read several books as if it is  the books of arts, for example, the verses of Chinese classics that are always obscure to understand by my Chinese ability. On the Tang Dynasty’s famous poet, DU fu’s work I had not clearly understood, probably till now. But the works are all pleasant in its own way. As like them mathematics I had read some books and papers. Definitely  I could not make DU Fu-like work. But I liked DU Fu so much. And I also cannot understand mathematics anymore, but also like it. If there be not valuation that is usual done at school, more people maybe like it as same as they read poems putted before them. Mathematicians are put to study stern logics for its long history while the poets make poems that need severe rules of rhythm and meaning. That is all, for my standpoint on mathematics or Chinese classics,or my life.

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