Wednesday 24 July 2013

Macro Time and Micro Time

Macro Time and Micro Time

24 JUly 2013

1. Through natural language, in human being, occurred the electrical signal by eye or ear. These complex situations are beyond this paper's limits.
2. Language is a physical object as signal and its transmission. At this circumstanstances, langauge must be recognised to be the existance that has finite time.
3. An apple on the desk gradually becomes rotten by passing the time very after the crop in the orchard. #0

4. Like an apple, language has passing physical time in oneself.

5. Language is metamorphosed  by the time progressing.  #1

6. Language includes the outer world from human being to universe. At this declaration, I recall Blaise Pascal's Pensées.

    The infinite distance between body and mind symbolizes the infinitely more infinite distance between mind and charity, for charity is supernatural.

  (Translated by A.J. Krailsheimer, 1966) #2

7. Language's time goes freely from the present to the future or the present to the past. #3

8. Language symbolises the time from finiteness to inifinity. #4

9. Human being recognises this vast language world perfectly. #5

#2 PASCAL PENSÉES. Translated with an introduction by A.J. Krailsheimer. PENGUIN BOOKS 1966.

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