Thursday 25 July 2013


Note 6

n-dimensional Euclid space with canonical inner product     Rn
Clifford algebra corresponded with Rn     (Rn)
Complexification of (Rn)     (Rn⊗ C
Arbitrary integer     > 0
(Rn+2R   C (Rn+2End ( C)   
(R2nR C  ≃  End ( C2n )
(R2n+1R ≃ End ( C2n  End ( C2n )

Periodicity in Clifford algebra may be corresponded with periodicity of meaning in word of natural language.
At early work of <Quantum Theory for Language>, especially refer to the next papers’ comments of meaning factors in ancient Chinese inscriptionson bone and tortoiseshell <Jiaguwen>.
On inscription < geng>
On inscription <  kun>

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