Wednesday 17 July 2013

Sentence versus Word


Sentence versus Word
    TANAKA Akio

24 From group theory, sentence is seemed to be noncommutative, against word to be commutative.
25 Element of sentence is word. Element of word is <meaning element>.
26 Sentence is not changeable. Word is changeable.
27 Sentence does not contain time. Word contains time.
28 Sentence is unique. Word is not unique.
29 Sentence is seemed to have uniqueness theorem by that language has communicative accuracy.
30 Word is seemed not to have unique theorem by that language has communicative flexibility.

[References from early work]
Especially by the next
Postscript January 21, 2008
<On differential structure between word and sentence]
[Foresight from past work]
<On relation between word and sentence>

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