Monday 22 July 2013

Spacetime Symmetry and Escalator Brane

1 There gives a brane that has the form of alphabet U. The brane is called escalator brane.
2 The brane has been twisted alike Möbius-like belt.
3 There is spacetime on the brane.
4 Spacetime is expressed by function F(x, t) that has parameter x and t.
5 The brane that has spacetime is called worldvolume.
6 In worldvolume, 2 dimensional one is called worldsheet and 1dimensional one is called worldline.
7 The brane that has U-formed Möbius-like belt is given as orientable surface.
8 There gives oriented point A that is expressed by function F(x, t) at the previous -U-formed brane.
9 There gives reversely oriented point B that is expressed by function F (-x, -t) at the after-U-formed brane.
10 Here gives a connection from point A to Point B.
11 The connection that gives same property to point A and point B is called monopole.
12 Monopole simultaneously satisfies function F(x, t) and function F (-x, -t).
13 The brane satisfies spacetime symmetry.

Tokyo January 28, 2007
[Reference February 16, 2008]

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