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Position of Language

Quantization1 is a cliff for consideration of language.
2 Mathematical interpretation of quantized language is now a first step to the theoretical ascent.
3 If there is not mathematics, next conjectures are impossible.
(i) Difference between word and sentence---Commutative and noncommutative ring
(ii) Continuation from word to sentence---Tomita’s fundamental theorem
(iii) Word’s finiteness and sentence’s infinity---Property infinite and purely infinite
(iv) Cyclic structure of word’s meaning---Infinite cyclic group
Meaning minimum2mirror language3 and mirror symmetry4 are inevitable approach to the study of language especially for language universals5.
5 Symplectic Language Theory, Floer Homology Language and Arithmetic Geometry Language are adopted as the model theory for natural language in the recent.
6 Hereinafter the model theory will be entered to the new conceptThe Models of Language Universals 6 will be shown by the description of mathematics.

1Quantized Language
2Meaning minimum
4Mirror symmetry
5Language universals
Generating Function / Symplectic Language Theory
6. Models of  Language Universals

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Now traveling to a northern more place from the encounter 
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