Wednesday 24 July 2013

Escalator Language and Time, For SHINRAN’s Idea of BOHDISATTVA

Escalator Language and Time


1 Time is symmetry in space-time. The situation is called Time symmetry conjecture.
2 Time has a turning point.
3 The turning point is smooth and continuously differentiable.
If time elapses, time also elapses to the reverse direction at the same time.
5 Time is alike to escalator that has configuration of conveyor belt. An up escalator has a down escalator under the hidden side.
6 Time has two aspects. They are real time and imaginary time.
Time is incarnated by square.
8 Imaginary time is incarnated by i2 = -1.
9 Real time’s unit is 1. Imaginary time’s unit is -1.
10 Real time is an up escalator. Imaginary time is a down escalator under the hidden side.
11 Language in which time simultaneously elapses toward two directions is called escalator language. The language is abbreviated to EL.
12 EL consists of word and sentence.
13 Word has distance.
14 The distance in Minkowski space-time is measured by disparity between time and space.
(Δs)2=(cΔt)2-(Δx)2-(Δy)2-(Δz)     (1)
If time is imaginary, distance is supposed to be measured by addition between time and place.
-(Δs)2=(cΔt)2+(Δx)2+(Δy)2+(Δz)     (2)
Here (Δs) becomes imaginary number.
15 EL’s word is measurable.
Refer to the following paper.
16 If time is imaginary, EL is expressed on the sphere that has the radius (cΔt)2+(Δx)2+(Δy)2+(Δz)2.
17 EL’s sphere is measurable from the radius
18 Now (x, y, z) is changeless and (t) is changeable, EL is only measured by time dimension. EL’s measure is seen on elapsing time and EL’s hidden measure is simultaneously elapsing to the reverse direction.
19 When time is imaginary, the following is indicated from (2).
-(cΔt)2 =(Δs)2+(Δx)2+(Δy)2+(Δz)2
Δt     (3)
20 Time is symmetrical.
21Time is on a down escalator under the hidden side.
22 Sentence has volume.
23 EL’s sphere has the volume that is measured by elapsing sphere.
24 El’s sentence is measurable.
25 EL’s word and sentence are measured on conveyor belt.
26 Human is on an up appeared escalator and language is on a down hidden escalator.
27 Human being and language are on a same time.
28 Human being and language are rotating on a smooth belt of time.

Kawasaki December 16, 2006
Inspired at the Evening Time of Tachikawa Station December 10

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