Saturday 27 July 2013

Read Andre Martinet

Reread Andre Martinet’s ELEMENTS DE LINGUISTIQUE GENERALE, 1970. When I was a student in 1970s, the book was already determined the established reputation. Now at rereading, I confirmed that one of his most concerned thing was the amalgamation of moneme, which is still radically never solved . But by his approach or any other similar approached researchers, Martinet-like style of studying is very difficult to progress. I have taken the another way to think on the themes influenced from KARCEVSKIJ Sergej (the early example ;Holomorphic meaning Theory 2008 ) by using the mathematical methods, especially algebraic geometry.
Recent result on the relation between characters and time in language is shown below.
Time of WANG Guowei, 2011, sekinanmetria 
16 July 2012
On WANG Guowei, refer to the next.
21 January 2013 added

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