Saturday 27 July 2013

Symbolic Repetition

Trough some ten year learning I have confirmed that the meaning of word has a certain repetition which I call symbolic repetition for generating the core symbolic meaning of word. I strongly became aware of this repetition’s importance when I saw the Kagura, the traditional village dance performing at the shrine. The theme of the dance was the generation of nation by God from the myth of the ancient Japanese classics. The situation at the play-going is shown at the next.
Sato-kagura, Village Shinto dance, Fuchu, Tokyo / 20 November 2012From now on, I will describe this symbolic repetition using infinite loop space of algebraic K theory. The proto-type of symbolic repetition are already presented at the intuitive style at my early works. The relative papers are shown at the below.
On Time Property Inherent in Characters / 28 March 2003
Quantum Theory for Language / 15 January 2004
Prague Theory / 2 October 2004Loop space as language’s representation is roughly shown at the below.
Loop Time of Character / 15 September 2011
Reference added
27 December 2012
Word as Infinite Loop Space / 6 December 2012
Sato-kagura, Dance Permance, at Okunitama-jinja Shrine,
Fuchu, Tokyo, 20 November 2012

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