Thursday 18 July 2013

Mirror Theory

For the Structure of Prayer
Dedicated to the memory of CHINO Eiichi

Language is afar distant from the real world.
There is a certain distance between language and the real world.
Language is guaranteed to be reliable for the human being
Language continuously aims at uniting the real world.
The distance from the real world to language is going to be shortened.
The end of a sentence is a situation in which language and the real world are united into one or shortened distance to the utmost.
Prayer is the act of going beyond the real world by language.
Language is usually going to unite the real world.
The real world is a standstill point for language.
In prayer the real world is not a standstill point but a passing point.
Language has a force of uniting or going near the real world.
Language of prayer has an excess force going beyond the real world.
This excess force comes from pray that maintains the distance that exists from language to the real world. 
It is a memory.
It is a continuous effort of thinking about never existing in the real world.
Beyond the real world language is no more guaranteed by the real world.
This situation is guaranteed by the distance from language to the real world.
This distance is a mirror of real distance.
This distance is called mirror distance.
Mirror distance is defined.
Mirror distance is the central concept of Mirror Theory.
Mirror theory is a trial for exceeding the real world.
We can think of prayer from the linguistic ground.
Mirror theory is an extension of <Distance theory>. 


Tokyo June 5, 2004

[Referential note June 5, 2009]

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