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Distance and Time 5th Time for KARCEVSKIJ

Distance and Time
<Language Multi-Time Conjecture 3>
 5th Time for KARCEVSKIJ

Sentence that appears aurora is expressed by integral on Riemann sphere.
Refer to the following paper.
Sentence has distance that is expressed by the height of trapezium on sentence plane.
Refer to the following paper.
Sentence has time that is expressed by the vector on the right or left side of trapezium.
| AB | = Stb-a 
 Here |   | is distance between phrase A and phrase B, abbreviated to DAB.
S is velocity of moving DAB.
tb-a is time-lag of phrase A and phrase B. Each phrase generates according to its peculiar time.
Now the radius of Riemann sphere is r. The angle made by vector A and vector B is θ.
Here θ is Function (xa, ya, xb, yb), and any point (x, y) is on complex plane.
DAB is expressed by 2 r sinθ/2.
 S is expressed by 2 r sinθ/2 / tb-a.
Now when tb-a is unit time 1, S is expressed 2 r sinθ/2.
S is variable by pointing word on complex plane.
So Dictoron’s velocity on Riemann sphere is variable.
Refer to the following papers.

Tokyo October 28, 2006
Postscript January 25, 2008
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