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Meaning Minimum of Language For the Supposition of KARCEVSKIJ Sergej

For the Supposition of KARCEVSKIJ Sergej
Meaning Minimum of Language
Ocotober 5, 2011
is graded ring and integral domain.
For negative e .
R's quotient field element is called homogenious when R's quotient field element is ratio f/g of homogenious element  .
Its degree is defined by .
At R's quotient field, subfield made by degree 0's whole homogenious elements,
is expressed by  .
For homogenious element  ,
subring of field  ,
is expressed by  .
For graded ring,
algebraic variety that  is quotient field that whole  for homogenious element  is gotten by gluing in common quotient field is expressed by Proj R.
Proj of graded ring
is called projective algebraic variety.
Projective algebraic variety is complete.
Moduli of hypersurface,
is complete algebraic variety.
is sum set of,
 ,  .
Word is expressed by,
Meaning minimum of word is expressed by,
For meaning minimum,
refer to the next.

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