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Enlarged Distance Theory For CELAN Paul

Enlarged Distance Theory

For CELAN Paul
Ansprache anläβlich der Entgegennahme des Literaturpreises der Freien Hansestadt Bremen

1 Language was supposed to have distance for mainly making sentence.
Refer to the following paper under roughly sketched situation.
2 Distance in 4 dimensional space is indicated by Minkowski space.
Δs is distance. c is light velocity. Δt = t2-t1. Δx = x2-x1. Δy = y2-y1 Δz = z2-z1.
3 Now if time is imaginary time iby being showed from HAWKING S., distance is indicated by Euclid space.
Here distance (Δs) becomes imaginary number.
This distance means that 4 dimensional space has imaginary number’s distance. The distance is abbreviated to imaginary distance.
Imaginary distance is in imaginary space.
Refer to the following paper.
4 Imaginary distance is interpreted by the following.
4-1 On complex plane imaginary number is objected to the circle that is expressed by y2 + z2 = 1.
The circle is called to imaginary ring.
4-2 Imaginary ring expresses point at infinity of hyperboloid by Caley transformation.
4-3 In consequence, on point at infinity, imaginary distance is expressed on the circle.
4-4 In 4 dimensional space, on point at infinity, the imaginary distance is expressed on a circle.
5 Thus supposion is the following.
In 4 dimensional space, distance on point at infinity is definitely expressed by HAWKING’s imaginary time.

Tokyo November 20, 2006

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