Wednesday 26 June 2013

Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

THE SHORTER OXFORD DICTIONARY THIRD EDITION REVISED WITH AGENDA, 1956 is the most precious dictionary for me, that I bought at a old book shop in Shibuya, Tokyo when I attended a conference held at the city. I am very satisfied with all the styles of this dictionary. Hard solid dark blue cover, soft quarter-bound in leather, easy consulting quality of paper and more than anything else, that finest typology.
Today, as doing so every time on meeting with unknown word, I looked up one daily-used word, bandanna, that I usually use at the working time for refreshing the spirit, today also at joiner working. Now I am making a little storehouse for storing garden goods of wife and me. According to the dictionary, bandanna is derived from Hind. bundhnu, first appeared in 1752.
Oh my style of working possibly may be succeeded over 250 years. Definitely I will become a fine joiner knowing the history of the word.

20 October 2012

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