Thursday 20 June 2013

Hijiribashi, Holy Bridge, Ochanomizu, Tokyo


Hijiribashi, Holy Bridge, Ochanomizu, Tokyo

The Holy Bridge is constructed at the north side of the Ochanomizu Station, Tokyo, at Chuo Line. Under flows the Outer Moat of the Imperial Palace, constructed in the medieval period, some 550 years ago. The Edo Castle ever had the vast area in the central part of Tokyo. Now the Inner Moat is perfectly remained but the Outer Moat is partly remained mainly in the north part of Tokyo. Around Ochanomizu area now becomes the typical cultural zone of Tokyo, where many universities and colleges are gathered.
The Holy Bridge is named for what in the northern part there is the Yushima-seido, the Holy Building of Confucius which was constructed in 1690 and the southern part, there is the Nicolai-do, Cathedral of the Eastern Orthodox ChurchSo the bridge connects East and West, the two meet on the bridge. 
The church was first built in 1891 and rebuilt in 1929 after the Kanto Plain Great Earthquake occurred in 1923. The name Nicolai is originated by the founder Nicolai Primate of Khristos Orthodox Church of Japan. The bridge was also constructed in 1925 after the Earthquake. This Holy Bridge is one of the most fantastic old-fashioned bridges in Tokyo. I love these old Tokyo's images. New architectures will be constructed one after another , but the old ones can never constructed as the same having the long and historical heritage.

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