Monday 24 June 2013

Notes for KARCEVSKIJ Sergej   Structure of Word

Structure of Word

September 11, 2011
Differential manifold M
M's minimal model of de Rham complex A*(MM
Isoporphism  exists.
Differential manifold M
When minmal model of M's de Rham complex A*(M) is isomorphic with M's cohomology ring H*(M;R), M is formal.
What M is formal is equivalent to M has quadrant homology connection.
Graded differential algebra that satisfies H0 (A) = 0 A
Primary minimal model of A exists ρ : M(1) → A
Spherical surface is one of formal manifolds.
When manifold is formal, its minimal model is determined by cohomology ring's cup product.
Now word is constructed from minimal model of manifold, that is uniquely determined by cohomology ring's cup product.

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