Saturday 29 June 2013

CHEN Donghai

Sekinan Research Field of Language

CHEN Donghai 



CHEN Donghai taught me the Chinese conversation in 1967. Time flies so fast.
He was the important adviser for making Iwanami Chinese Dictionary that was the first dictionary alphabetically arranged dictionary in Japan.
I have the dear memory for him.
He ever heard classical Chinese opera in Peijing, that was for hearing not for seeing, so hear-opera people sat sideways toward the opera's stage. He talked us the condition for hearing pleasantly.
CHEN Donghai, after all, taught us the Peijing's tradition on history and culture succeeding the glorious Qing's dynasty.
My language study's basis was constructed in those days being led by CHEN Donghai.
23 May 2012
Sekinan Research Field of Language

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