Saturday 29 June 2013

Owakudani, Hakone. Active volcano

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Owakudani, Hakone. Active volcano 


Owakudani (Great Crater Valley), Hakone is the notable active volcano in East Japan. The place is the famous sight -seeing spot in Hakone area. We went the place several times by the cable-car that has obtained the most passengers in the world, some 8 million people getting on a year. The cable-car crossed high over the centre of the crater that is always smoking. A friend of foreign country said to me that the car is safe above the volcano? Oh, we have become familiar to the fact but surely if the blast happen, the car will be quite dangerous. In the photo, using the enlargement system on the computer, at least two workers are working for the stabilization of the volcano. Sincerely thanks for them!

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