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Inspiration The Time of Quantum

Inspiration  The Time of Quantum


In August  2003, I went to Hakuba in Nagano prefecture for the summer vacation with my family.  At that time I had been thinking on the form of language for which I wrote the paper, that connects with time inherent in characters, in March 2003 also at Hakuba.

At night of August 23 in cottage, I casually saw the advertizing paper of electric dictionary.  The paper was brought from the convenience store near  the cottage in the evening.

The dictionary  on the paper was Seiko's English-Japanese dictionary that has additionally consultation for Chinese or French language with large scale. I vaguely considered that after this dictionaries are necessarily taken these multi-lingual way.

At the time I suddenly  realized that the form of language may be spherical style in which language contains all the information in itself.

That was satisfactional solution for the tough problem of language that I had been carrying in my life from my twenties.

I wrote the sketchlike paper of the theoretical approach after returning home of Tokyo. The paper was read at the international symposium of UNESCO opened in winter 2003 at Nara.

At the paper read in symposium, the spherical substance of language is seemed to be quantum in DELBRUCK's image-like physical world.

After 5 years from the inspiration at summer of Hakuba,  now I consider that spherical essence is manifold in infinite dimensional world.

Now I also realize that the toughest problem of language is minutely solvable in  mathematical approach that has structurally definable terms.

September 29, 2008

January 23, 2012
The title changed.
The former title is "From Quantum to Manifold".

January 25, 2012
On quantization of Language, refer the next.
Quantization of Language

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