Saturday 29 June 2013

Owakudani (Great Crater Valley) and Lake Ashinoko, Hakone

Owakudani (Great Crater Valley), Hakone is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in the East Japan. So we have visited several times from the children days.Active volcano (Owakudani), lake (Ashinoko Lake) and fine hot springs are very popular for the people living in East Japan.There are many museums, traditional crafts and Japanese sweet cakes and various fruits to the visitors.My favourite one is the sightseeing by excursion ship on the Lake Ashinoko. We can always see the fantastic view of mt. Fuji at the ship.
Hakone is only 2 hour trip using express train of Odakyu Line, one of the popular lines among the visitors and train fans.

The smoke of the volcano at the mountain side of Hakone

The smoke rising from the Owakudani Crater

Lake Ashinoko at the twilight

The excursion ship on the lake


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