Thursday 27 June 2013



Dedicated to SAPIR Edward

1 Substance of language is completion which possesses the distance from the real world.
2 The distance is sustained by the fixation for which meaning and time are abstracted.
3 If language has not distance, language appears and disappears following the real world proceeding.
4 Language is substantially unchangeable. Changeability occurs on surrounding.
5 The distance is measured by the longitude from the real world to the substantiality that meaning and time possess.
6 Substantiality is a frame of language.
7 Substantiality is free from the real world.
8 Substantiality is powered by outer energy.
9 Powered substantiality moves complied with possessed command, namely meaning and time.
10 Powered moving substantiality of language is called <quantum>.
11 The idea of quantum is partially realized by <bar code system> in the supermarket or bookstore.
12 Substantiality is bar code of can or book. Outer energy is bar code reader. Quantum moves in a cash register. Language generates price addition in the real world.
13 Bar code is not language. Bar code is substantiality of language. Bar code does not move by itself. When bar code reader becomes energetic, bar code generates <quantum> in a cash register. Language, namely, price-additional-work, starts at bookstore of station front in the bustling evening.    

Tokyo February 27, 2005
For the Memory of Tanashi Station Front Street February 26, 2005

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