Monday 24 June 2013

Notes for KARCEVSKIJ Sergej   Description of Language

Description of Language

September 9, 2011

Manifold M
Cup product map of 
Dual map of  
Free Lie algebra that  generates £ (  )
 is identified as the partial space of £(  ) that quadrastic Lie bracket of  generates.
Ideal of £(  ) that Im η generates a 
Holonomy Lie algebra of M 
Completion of holonomy Lie algebra 
If M has quadrastic homology connection, Malcev completion  becomes isomorphic with holonoly Lie algebra completion  .
Primary minimum model M(1)of differential manifold M is isomorphic with Malcev completion of  of M's fundamental group.
For the description of a language model there is a need primary minimum model M(1) of differential manifold M.

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