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Distance Theory

Distance theory is an extension of Quantum Theory for Language.
Distance theory is an extension of strength rule in Quantum Theory for Language.
Distance theory is considered for the purpose of the guarantee to language.
What quanta of language propel to the end of the sentence is for the purpose of the guarantee to language, in which quanta of language finally unite the real world in the end of propelling.
The guarantee to the inherent signification of indicator in quantum of language is quantified by the distance which starts from the real world to the quantum of language.
A quantum consists of indicators.
An indicator has a signification and a period inherently.
The structure of quantum is indicated in Quantum Theory for Language.
An inherent signification is an element in a quantum.
An inherent time is an element in a quantum.
There are two types of elements, significant and periodical.
Element is defined.
A significant element gets a signification from the real world.
A periodical element gets a time from the real world.
An indicator gets a meaning and a period from elements.
An element emerges from the real world to the language world.
An indicator gets power from the elements in the language world.
A quantum moves in the language world by the power of indicators.
An element emerges to the language world, because each element has immanent perceptible area which works upon visual sensation and auditory sensation of the human beings.
An indicator gets energy in the language world, because each indicator has a tendency which will approach and finally coincide with the real world.
This continuous tendency guarantees the trust in language for the human beings.
A quantum moves in the language world toward the real world.
A quantum is not guaranteed in the situation of cessation.
A quantum is guaranteed by the connection to the real world.
Therefore a quantum propels to the real world.
Indicators make meaning and connection rule in a quantum, both are derived from significant and periodical elements in an indicator.
Meaning is guaranteed by the tendency of coincidence with the real world.
Guarantee of the meaning is reduced by the remoteness of distance from the real world.
Connection rule is decided by periodical elements in indicators.
Details are indicated in Quantum Theory for Language.
Signification in an indicator and meaning in a quantum once emerged are occasionally transformed or expanded in the language world.
This alteration is called multiplication.
Multiplication is defined.
Multiplication generally occurs by the addition of signification in an indicator.
But multiplication in meaning of a quantum sometimes occurs without any addition oneself.
Multiplication in a quantum without addition occurs by situational transition in the language world.
Situational transition in a quantum is caused by difference of distance from the real world.
Difference of distance at a quantum is a proceeding of abstract thinking in human beings.
A quantum of language itself becomes <word> in the language world.
Word is defined.
Therefore each word has a distance toward the real world.
A distance immanent in a word does not emerge itself.
Distance emerges in the linear situation of words gathering.
This situation is called <sentence>.
Sentence is defined.
Therefore sentence is an emergence of distance in words gathering.
Words form a line, thereafter one arrangement is determined.
Sentence is realized in our world.
In Chinese language, /lai/ come has a larger distance than /liao/completion.
Words are arranged from the end of a sentence, according to the own- possessing- distance.
Therefore /lai le/ having come is realized.

Tokyo May 5, 2004
For the memory of Kusatsu Shiranesan March 30, 2004

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