Wednesday 19 June 2013

Days with CHINO Eiichi

Days with CHINO Eiichi

Days with CHINO Eiichi
He led me the present study on language

I first met CHINO Eiichi at his Russian language class in 1969. He was 37 and I was 21 years old. He returned to Japan from Czechoslovakia in December 1967. It was only one and half years after. In Czech at Carrel university he studied Ancient church Slavic and the Prague School.

We met again at his linguistic course in 1979 when I returned to study. Since then ten years passed by. He was 47 and I was 31. From that year to March 1986 I learnt from him on linguistics, especially The Linguistic Circle of Prague.

We time to time walked together to the station after the lecture, and sometimes at the small coffee shop named "California" near the station, we talked on the various themes from the daily trivial things to abstract language agenda. The room was almost always vacant and dim light was threw over us.

They were irreplaceable days and recently more and more have become dear in my life.

He wrote more than ten books and my favorite one is Opened the Door to LinguisticsJanua Linguisticae reserata, 1994. In the book he only crowned Genius to Sergej Karcevskij.

He died by disease in 2002 at age 70.

Under the Dim Light
Linguistic Circle of Prague
From Distance to Pseudo-Kobayashi-Distance
16 November 2012

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