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Intuition and Mathematics

Intuition and Mathematics


  Tokyo, 30 August 2012              

Intuition and mathematics are deeply concerned with each other. In my stand, intuitive concept is first flowing up and the next mathematical description is arranged. According to this situation, intuition is very important and if there is no such flowing up thinking, the development is almost not so easy proceeding. The time concept in language is the key concept of my language model that is at first found from the ancient Chinese characters' construction and after writing a short intuitive paper, the more precise descriptions are took up using mathematics especially of geometry. But at the deepest basis of language, time is seemed to be infinitive but not spread tin a strait line to the future, more likely going round as  circle or circular situation. This conjecture was firmed by Yi-jing that is one of the Five Great Classics of China. I received the lecture on Yi-jing from philosopher NISHI Junzo some five years at the university. The world of Yi-jing consists from perfect infinitive circularity and this world is perfectly recognised by human for its closed situation of infinity. It is very hard to recognise infinity as perfect whole image and Yi-jing is resolved this baffling problem through the shut-in world, that is "compact" concept of mathematics.

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