Thursday 20 June 2013

The Complete Works of TANIYAMA Yutaka

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The Complete Works of TANIYAMA Yutaka


The Complete Works of TANIYAMA Yutaka, Revised Edition, 1994 always shows me the youth of the post-war mathematics in Japan. At the same time It gave me the feeling of strong longing.

When A. Wiles and R. Taylor finally solved the Fermat's Last Theorem in 1994, TANIYAMA-SHIMURA Conjecture became famous overnight in Japan too. After the situation was settled a matter, I saw the feature articles on TANIYAMA in the journal, Mathematics Seminar at the bookstore nearby of my home.

My first impression was a longing desire to his high achievement to mathematics or studies in history. At those days I was at the midst of age 40s and did not accomplish anything on my field of language. Of course I did not desire any fame or special situation. I only hope from the bottom of my heart to propose the results that let assent to myself.

Nearly 20 years passed away since those days. Now there is any enviable thing to TANIYAMA or his colleague. Because I also discovered my aim and approach on my theme. It is absolutely same that I have not proposed anything to the learning. I only have the probably same aim that many surpassed people had or have. Merely I have not any genius to learning.

My true tiny happiness is what  I am still learning on my objects every day. It is only one, that is language forever. 

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