Thursday 27 June 2013

Aim Dedicated to CHINO Eiichi


Dedicated to CHINO Eiichi 
The dear old days of campus or coffee shop at the station front 

Quantum theory for language was at first aimed for the research of meaning structure in language. The theory has been influenced from the linguistic circle of Prague.
The person that taught me the history of the circle was CHINO Eiichiwho taught me the linguistics at the lectures of the university or in the daily talk crossing the campus in the late afternoon. He was young, and I was young too, in the 1970s.
Later quantum theory for language led for language universals. The theory has been also influenced from physics, especially from the book of SCHRÖDINGER Erwin.
More after  the life of DELBRÜCK Max was also gave me the courage of learning for his pioneer study of application to biology from physics.

June 16, 2004
September 28, 2004

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