Monday 24 June 2013

Note for KARCEVSKIJ Sergej's "Du dualisme asymetrique du signe linguistique"

A language model is made for a solution of KARCEVSKIJ's paper.
Manifold M has quadrant homology connection.
Cup product map

is null map.
If M is the upper situation, the fundamental group of M contains the free group of rank b1(M) as the partial group.
b1(M) = dimH1(M;R)
Language is given by manifold M.
Word is given by fundamental group of M.
Mobile part of word is given by partial group, the free group of rank b1(M).
The details of the proposition and the interpretation are described at the other papers of Notes for KARVESKIJ Sergej.

September 8, 2011
The Sekinan Research Field of Language 

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