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Place where Quantum of Language Exists

Place where Quantum of Language Exists

1            Quantum of language is the smallest unit of language.
2            Quantum of language moves linearly on the floor of language.
3            Linear movement is the properties of quantum.
4            Floor of language is on the space of language.
5            The space of language is two dimensions.
6            Two dimensions are horizontal and vertical.
7            Horizontal movement makes word, #1
8            Vertical movement makes sentence. #1
9            The space of language is electrical digitized place.
10        Chinese /jiao shi/ means classroom in English. 
11        /Jiao/ is a quantum of language.
12        /Shi/ is a quantum of language.
13        /Jiao shi/ is a word.
14        /Jiao/ sends a quantum to /shi/ quantum.
15        /Shi/ quantum receives a quantum from /jiao/ quantum.
16        What sends quantum is called positive.
17        What receives quantum is called negative.
18        Quantum has positive energy in original condition.
19        Quantum changes negative in the situation of quanta set.
20        Quantum change occurs in two situations in general.
21        One situation is what quanta stand side by side on a floor and neighboring quanta connect well. #2
22        The other situation is what quant change oneself by the non-use of quanta meaning in language history progress. #2
23        Word has a positive- negative construction.
24        Positive-negative construction occurs on a floor.
25        Sentence has a positive-positive construction.
26        Positive-positive construction occurs on different floors.
27        The latter quantum transfers on a different floor. This transfer is called <jump>.
28        Quantum has electrical energy which flows to the electrical zero level.
29        Electrical zero level is a sentence end where quantum of language ideally accord with the real world. #3
30        A floor of language is a non-branches electrical circuit.
31        Word is a non-branch circuit.
32        Sentence is a branch circuit.
33        The meaning of word and sentence is a compound system of electrical signals.

#1 Definition of word and sentence can be seen in the paper Method of Linguistics and other papers on the site of Sekinan Research Field of Language /
#2 Definition of connect well can be seen in the paper of “Quantum Theory for Language Synopsis” and other papers on the site of SRFL.
#3 Definition of sentence end can be seen in the paper “Mirror Theory”“Mirror Language” and other papers on the site of SRFL.

Tokyo July 18, 2004

[Referential note November 9, 2007]
<Place where Quantum of Language Exists> is related with the next papers on the concept.

[Referential note February 9, 2008]
† Concept <jump> of /27/ is thinkable in connection with <quantum group’s parameter q> at the paper Kac-Moody Lie Algebra / Quantum Group /.
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